MCA-Liberia updates


Publications on the launched of the Road Assessment

MCAL holds week long training on SGIP

MCAL and Azorom Meet to kick LEC Training Center Activities

LEC Gets Interns from Tubman University,…As MCAL Embarks on Training Center Program

LEC Hires Eight Tubman University Graduates

Power Outage Hits Capitol Hill, New Georgia

US$536 Loan Would Expand Economy By 20%

US Ambassador to Liberia, Christine Elder, Applauds Millennium Challenge Corporation Impact in Liberia

Liberia, Ivory Coast sign MoU for power supply to Liberia

Caldwell Electrification Begins, Targets Bomi, Cape Mount

Liberia Foreign Exchange Rates Spark Price Hike of Basic Commodities

EPA Requests Environmental Impact Assessment Report For President Weah's Bali Island

Fisheries staffers get training

US$536M Deal for Liberia Southeast Coastal Highway Sealed With Asian Conglomerate

Republic of Iceland Commits to Invest in Liberia's Fisheries

MRU Countries Hold Water Resource Management Confab

Millennium Challenge Account Liberia Sets the Record Against Falsehood

Weah Eyes Major Projects, 12th St-Kesselly Road, Mesurado Bridge Targeted

Liberia's Costal Road Project Gets Boost

Future of Liberia's Infrastructure in Shambles Pro-Poor Gov't First Major Project

UNESCO Reaffirms Commitment to Liberia's TVET Sector

Women in Business Advance Roadmap to Increase Participation in Decision-making

Rep. Koffa Requests 'Discharge Petition' on Economic Empowerment Bill

President Weah Meets Visiting Delegation from Shangyou Wood Industries

Executive Presents Revised Budget to Legislature With Major Austerity Measures

Liberian newspapers zoom on visiting IMF team, bilateral deal with china

LEC Begins Disconnecting Debtors, illegal connections Monday

Environment chief: Why we're prioritizing climate governance in Liberia

Government Urged To Tackle Issues Affecting Women

Liberia Electricity Corporation to Provide Power At Flat Rate to Customers

TRANSCO CLSG Pays Rural Liberians For Resettlement on Properties

LEC faces Financial Difficulties, wants court for power theft

Pres. Weah's Choice For Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation Tainted With Corruption

India to Revive US$144m Credit Line to Liberia

Executive, Legislature 'Tightly' Review Recast Budget

FFDC, Partners Meet with Artisanal Fishery Communities

Liberia Actually Broke

Liberian newspapers awash with reports on state of economy, others

GoL, UNICEF Sign $5M Annual Work Plan

Japan Signs Over US$300K Grant For Grassroots Development in Liberia

UNDP, UNMIL Sponsors US$240K Sanitation Program For Liberian Youth

GoL Requests LEC Power Distribution Plan, CEO Ashley Assures Protesting Residents

Liberia Electricity Corporation Meets Aggrieved Residents of Caldwell

FCG/GOPA Infra Pays Courtesy Call on Public Works Minister

The Lack Of Electricity Compelled Caldwell Residents To Protest

Liberian Senate Confirm Several Nominees Including Public Works Minister, Deputy Foreign Affairs

Liberia and Sierra Leone feature among the 15 least gender-developed countries in the world

International Disable Group Wants Empowerment For Disabilities In Liberia

Unfriendly Business Environment Thwarts Efforts of Thriving Local Water Producer

Liberia's Minister of Finance Holds First Meeting With Development Partners

Professor Wilson Tarpeh Takes Over At Ministry of Commerce

House Investigates MSC

Liberia to Lose US$120m if LEC Contract Prematurely Terminated

House Judiciary Committee Investigates LEC-ESBI Management Service Contract

State-run firm counting on Irish counterpart ESB to survive

As New Management Unveils Ambitious Plan, No Plan to Sack LEC Employees

Egyptian utility upgrades to new grid management system

Liberians Say they're Cautiously Watching Who're 'Hezbollah Contacts', As US Threaten Sanctions

US announces sanctions against companies and individuals in West Africa, including Liberia

US Sanctions Seven Entities, Six Individuals With Ties to Hezbollah - Treasury

US targets Hezbollah financial network in Africa, Mideast

World Bank gives Liberia US$25M

Weah-Led Government Gets World Bank Bolster of US$25m in Budgetary Support; Makes

Gbarnga street pavement begins

Bong County Leadership and USAID Embark on Paving 4.5 km of Streets

Liberia and Morocco pledge cooperation

Morocco, Liberia Want to Reinforce Agricultural and Fisheries Cooperation


22. Millennium Challenge Account Liberia and Partners Hold Training On Highway Development Management for 13 Ministry Of Public Works Staff

21. LEC Press Release on MSC

20. Millennium Challenge Account Liberia Clarifies Signing of LEC Management Service Agreement

19. MCA-Liberia Hires Its First Intern

18. Rehabilitation of the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant in Liberia – An Incredible Story of Regeneration and Hope


16. MCA Liberia Hold Capacity Building Training on the use of SAP

15. MCAL staff attend SAP training in Washington

14. Inquirer Editorial: Hailing MCC/MCA for the progress(July 21, 2017)

13. Inquirer: MCC Gives Update on Progress(July 21,2017)

12. Heritage: Progress, Challenge Outlined in Implementation( July 21, 2017)

11. MCC/MCA and partners review Social & Gender Assessment activities: May 12, 2017

10. Manual Traffic Counting takes place: May 11, 2017

9. MCC holds Anti-Fraud & Corruption training: April 20, 2017

8. Electricity is Security--UNDP Goodwill Amb Crown Prince Magnus: April 5, 2017

7. MCA-Liberia holds Pre-bid Conference for Contract Monitoring Consultant: March 27, 2017

6. Liberia hydro plant powers businesses left in dark by war, Source: AFP: March 15,2017

5. MCC and MCA-L hold Implementation Workshop: February 28, 2017

4. Ambassador Greenfield Embraces Power Access: February 27, 2017

3. Mt. Coffee Completion Excites Liberians: February 27, 2017

2. Hydro Project Pilots Liberia into Energy: February 27,2017

1. Public Eager for Cheap Hydro Power: February 27,2017


On December 15, 2016, in more than 25 years, the Mount Coffee Hydro Power plant first 22 Megawatt turbine was commissioned by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Liberian government officials, foreign dignitaries, including the United States government representatives as well as local and international partners attended the commissioning. The program took place in Harrisburg, Montserrado County. The following publications (1-4 Feb. 27,2017) reflect some of the media coverage of the event.