LERC Support

The Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission is part of the MCC Compact support to reform the Electricity sector. It was created by the New Electricity Law of Liberia passed by the National Legislature in 2015. Specifically, the Compact supports the standing up of the LERC. The compact pays salaries for LERC staff, procures office space, equipment and furniture. LERC will develop guidelines for electricity suppliers that guarantee health, safety and environmental standards in supplying electricity to homes and communities. It will review and monitor the safety standards of electricity supply. LERC will issue licenses to electricity suppliers, making sure suppliers meet all requirements of quality supply and services and set prices for electricity, not the suppliers themselves. One other key function of the LERC is that it gives voice to electricity customers. They will participate in managing the electricity sector by consulting with LERC and advising on issues affecting them. Customers, for the first time in Liberia, will have an independent forum, the LERC to file complaints against electricity suppliers for any wrong. LERC will also support efforts to fight power theft by arresting and prosecuting anyone using electricity without paying the bill.