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OMT Contract


Monday, 22 April 2019 15:54

Sector Reform

The creation of the National Road Fund Office is part of the sector reform. The Legislature placed a US 0.25 cent on every gallon of gasoline bought to raise funds for road maintenance. The NRF will manage the funding raised through the levy and put into a dedicated account for road maintenance work.

Monday, 22 April 2019 15:54

Maintenance Activity

The compact also sets aside $15M to match Government of Liberia funding to maintain primary roads in the country. Under the Roads project, MCC compact supports sector reform activities.

Monday, 22 April 2019 15:53

Capacity Building

Compact supports the training of Liberian engineers to use the modern technology known as the HDM-4 to update the roads maintenance plan. Good roads will reduce travelling time, cost for transport and vehicle repair. Good roads will improve trade and commerce and help businesses to grow. With good roads, farmers can get their products to the market quickly, students can get to school on time, patients can get to a health posts on time and police can arrive at crime scene on time.

Monday, 22 April 2019 15:52

Data Collection

The compact supports the collection of road condition data of each primary road in the country, pave or unpaved. The road condition data will help government know the problem and what is needed to maintain the roads.

Monday, 22 April 2019 15:51

Maintenance Plan

The Compact supports the GoL put in place a 5-year road maintenance plan that guides the maintenance of roads that connect county capitals.


Monday, 22 April 2019 12:27

Financial Dashboard


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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 11:44

Mt Coffee Hydro

The Mt. Coffee Hydro Power plant rehabilitation is significantly financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation compact. MCC provided up to forty percent of the US$ 357M, the total cost of the rehabilitation. Mt. Coffee rehabilitation represents the largest compact support to restore Liberia`s energy sector and provide access to reliable and affordable electricity. The Hydro has a generation capacity of 88 MW of electricity and reduces the cost of electricity. With stable and cheaper electricity, businesses can reduce costs, make more profits, hire more workers, and grow more quickly. Electricity enables business people to stay in the market much longer in the evening. Electricity keeps health centers operational, mainly at night and, reduces the cost of refrigeration for medications and vaccines. It enables students to study more at home and spend time in school and makes communities safer.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 09:47

Setting up of Gender Units

Under the program, compact GSI supports setting up equipping and training gender units in Government of Liberia implementing entities, including the ministries of Mines and Energy, Public Works and the Liberia Electricity Corporation. Compact Gender and Social Inclusion (GSI) promotes sustainability of gender and social inclusion results, enhance citizen-government engagement and improve responsiveness and quality of service delivery GSI guarantees that poor women, war-affected youths, disables and other disadvantaged people take part in compact project work. GSI aims to ensure that the compact benefits reach all the people of Liberia, including vulnerable people.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 09:43

Focal Point for Private Sector Engagement

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