MCA-Liberia updates


The Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia is a legal, independent and autonomous agency of the Government of Liberia created by an Act of the National Legislature on October 23, 2015. It administers the compact grant between the Governments of Liberia and the United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation, MCC. 

MCA-Liberia grows out of the commitment of the Governments of Liberia and United States of America to the shared goals of promoting economic growth and the elimination of extreme poverty in Liberia. 

Pursuant to signing of the compact and the setting up of MCA-Liberia, the Government and the MCC undertook a national consultative campaign involving the private sector and civil society to determine the development priorities for the compact to help facilitate poverty reduction through economic growth in Liberia. 

MCA-Liberia, therefore, helps to address two identified binding constraints to Liberia`s development, the lack of reliable, accessible and affordable electricity and improved roads.