MCA-Liberia updates


(a)   Summary of Project and Activities.

 The Roads Project comprises two interconnected activities to (1) build a foundation for national road maintenance planning and execution and (2) build capacity within the sector.

(1) National Road Maintenance Activity.

The National Road Maintenance Activity aims to:

a. Pilot and construct at least two regional maintenance centers (“RMC”),

b. Provide data collection equipment,


c. Lab equipment and vehicles to the RMCs,


 d. Match Government contributions to a road fund in an effort to better maintain and sustain Liberia’s paved roads and increase institutional capacity in the sector.


The two RMCs will serve as pilots for the phased rollout of at least five RMCs in all regions of the country. MCC may agree with the Government to fund an additional three RMCs upon successful completion and assessment of viability of the first two RMCs under this Compact.

 (2) Sector Reform/Institutional Strengthening/Capacity Building

(1) Providing capacity building related to the Axle Load Control Law,

 (2) Strengthening the administrative and operational framework of the Road Fund,

(3) Training and support in transportation planning methods,

(4) Assisting in the development of a five year transportation asset management plan for Liberia,

(5) Aiding urban transportation planning in Monrovia, and


(6) Reviewing existing policies concerning road safety and developing a set of recommendations and framework of implementation.