MCA-Liberia updates


                                              MCC Issues Governance Scorecards


The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the United States Government development agency, released its 2018 Scorecard this month for its policy indicators used to determine eligibility for its assistance program: mcc.gov

 There are 20 indicators grouped in to three categories, including Ruling Justly, Economic Freedom and Investing in people.

 MCC set a minimum score for each indicator that a country needs to pass, including Control of Corruption which is a must-pass indicator.

 On the overall, Liberia passed 10 of the 20 indicators, including Control of Corruption. However, Liberia continues to drop in its control of corruption scoring compared to previous years.

 The country continues to do well in the areas of Political Rights, Civil Liberties and Freedom of Information indicators, under Ruling Justly.

 Regarding Economic Freedom, Liberia passed Inflation, Access to Credit, Trade Policy, Business Startup and Gender in the Economy.

 Beginning 2019, MCC will update the questions under Gender in the Economy indicator to provide for an expanded index that measures the extent to which laws provide women with equal capacity to participate in the economy, get a job, own property, go to court and be protected from violence.

 Under Investing in People, Liberia only passed Health Expenditure indicator.

 Comparatively in the West African region, Ghana did well over Liberia, passing 15 of the 20 indicators, including Control of Corruption with a score of 0.64 for an indictor with a zero Median: