MCA-Liberia updates

The Millennium Challenge Compact, which entered into force on January 20, 2016, provides a grant of up to $256,726,000.00 to the Government of Liberia for roads and electricity projects which must be implemented prior to the Compact’s expiration on January 19, 2021. With three years remaining, approximately 52% of the grant has been disbursed, while 72% of the grant has been committed in contracts that have been signed. 

The projects that have been substantially implemented under the compact so far include the rehabilitation of the Mt. Coffee Hydro Power Plant (MCHPP); the construction of a transmission line from Mt. Coffee to the Paynesville substation; construction of small scale infrastructure for Mt. Coffee Project Affected Communities; management support to LEC through the procurement of a management services contractor and contract monitoring consultant; the collection and analysis of road data to facilitate the preparation of a national road maintenance plan; and the training of road planners. These projects have either been completed or are on schedule for completion in 2018. Click to Download the Full Report