MCA-Liberia updates


The Millennium Challenge Account Liberia, MCAL working with a range of local and international partners trained 13 Ministry of Public Works (MPW) staff members on the Highway Development Management (HDM-4), a highly complex software that uses data analysis to inform routine and periodic road maintenance. 

The training was funded by Millennium Challenge Corporation, MCC through the MCAL with technical support of Volpe, the Center of the United States Department of Transportation, and the local Liberian Renaissance Construction Company. More than 35 participants from various government agencies and partners attended the General Session (Jan 8th – 12th) of the training, and the 13 MPW staff members continued with the Specific Training for an additional month.

They developed a 5-Year National Road Maintenace Plan for Liberia   to be adopted by the MPW for funding under the National Road Fund Act of 2016 (NRF).

Road maintenance and energy revitalization are the main projects under the Millennium Challenge Compact with Liberia to address the binding constraints to the country`s economic development. 

Good roads will create jobs, improve trade and commerce, reduce travel time and fares, and lower vehicle operating costs.

Liberia has five hundred seventy-four kilometers (574km) of paved and one thousand seven hundred and fifty-two kilometers (1,752km) of unpaved primary roads that need to be maintained.

Under the Liberia compact, the Millennium Challenge Corporation set aside up to US$15M to match (100%) Government of Liberia contributions to the NRF for periodic road maintenance.