MCA-Liberia updates


32. RFQ: Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture for MCA-L office

31. RFI: Construction of Prawn Passage at Mt. Coffee Hydro Power Project

30. IFB: Design-Build LEC Training Center and BWI Training Facilities

29. RFQ: Supply and Delivery of an Insulated Bucket Truck for Liberia Electricity Corporation

28. RFQ: Supply and Delivery of Office/IT Equipment for Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission, LERC

27. RFQ: Design, Develop, Implement and Host Website for Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission, LERC

26. RFQ: Supply and Delivery of three(3) Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVS) for Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission(LERC)

25. RFQ: Supply and Delivery of Insulated Bucket Truck for LEC

24. RFP: Request for Qualifications for Consultancy Service--Quantity Surveyor

23. RFP: Consultancy Services for Design Review and Construction Supervision of Training Center for LEC and BWI

22. Pre solicitation Conference--Design/Construction LEC Training Center

21. Cancellation Notice: RFQ for supply and delivery of 47-foot Hydraulic Digger Derick Truck for LEC

20. Design and Build of Training Center for Liberia Electricity Corporation

19. Consultancy Services for Liberia Electricity Corporation`s Gender and Social Inclusion Department

18. Request for Information: Consultancy Services for Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection

17. LEC Equipment: Addendum #1

16. Cancellation Notice: LEC Customer Service Center Feasibility and Design

15. Procurement Notice: Supply and Delivery of Wood Poles for over head power and Telecommunications lines for LEC

14.Procurement Notice: Request for Information for Communications Consultancy

13. Cancellation of Procurement Notice: Supply and Delivery of Furniture

12.Cancellation Notice-Supply of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services

11. Cancellation Notice-Supply of Wood Poles for LEC

10.Invitation For Bids: Supply and Delivery of Transformers, Conductors, Pre-post Payment meters, Tools, Equipment for LECOpen 

9. Addendum #2-Request for Quotation Supply and Delivery of 47-ft hydraulic digger derrick truck for LECOpen

8. Recruitment of Law firm to provide external legal services(Addendum #1): Open

7.. Pre-solicitation Notice-Communications & Public Relations ConsultantOpen

6.. Addendum # 1 RFQ Digger Derrick Truck for LEC: Open 

5..Supply of Transformers, Conductors, Pre/Post Payment Meters and Equipment for LEC: Open

 4.. Addendum #1 Invitation for Bids, Design-Build Raw Water Pipeline(https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1J-r0Yf1WQG4hduKVK1WW88WiAjNFxZqS?usp=sharing): Open

3. Supply and Delivery of a 47-foot Hydraulic Digger Derrick Truck for LEC: Open

2. Request for Quotation-Supply of Spare Parts for Liberia Electricity Corporation’s Bushrod Island 18 MW Thermal Power PlantOpen

1Design - Build Raw Water Transmission Pipeline from Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant to White Plains Water Treatment Plant in LiberiaOpen